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Donate Now To Support The Hands-On Mentoring Program Designed To Assist Struggling Students

Join Us to Increase Students' Academic Accomplishments & Decrease Behavioral Challenges

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We Are Fundraising To Help Our Students Excel

Center for Father and Families is partnering with Castori Elementary School to launch The Hands on Mentor Program to help struggling students succeed with their academic endeavors.

Castori is a low-income Title I elementary school in the Del Paso Heights community in Sacramento. Nearly 50% of adults in Del Paso Heights do not have a high school diploma. This is a daunting statistic considering that 80% of all people in prison in America are high school dropouts.

Dropping out of school has other serious individual and social consequences, including hurting employment possibilities, lifetime earnings, and physical health. According to research students drop out of school for many complex reasons that can be identified and possibly addressed at the elementary school level.

Individually tailored and coordinated "mentoring and student support interventions during elementary school can lead to lasting effects that significantly lower the chances of students dropping out.”

Thus, we need to tackle the dropout crisis at the elementary school level through mentoring and early intervention for our “at promise” students. The mission of Hands on Mentors is to unlock the potential of 300 students, mostly of color, as academic scholars and positive citizens by having the "right" mentor for every child in the classroom

As a result of this mentorship program, every student will receive tutoring and also have a weekly academic and socio-emotional "check in" with their mentor. Our goals are to improve attendance, reduce suspension rates, increase the percentage of students who earn “Honor Roll” by passing all classes with an A or B, ensure that all students demonstrate growth in their standardized test scores and to improve student and staff wellness.

Questions regarding this campaign may be directed to Curtis Parker, Director of Strategic Partnership at